Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory


The Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory is a founding unit of NCSR 'Demokritos'. It has been formed in 1959.
The research and the scientific services of ERL are related to radiation protection, radioecology and aerosol science (see
ERL site).
We operate a part of the Greek
Environmental Radioactivity Control Network, under the supervision of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, the authority responsible for the radiation protection of the Greek population.
In addition, we provide certain
services to other institutions, companies and individuals.
A part of our
research is focused on natural radioactivity and marine radioecology. Another part is related to atmospheric aerosol properties, metrology and modelling applications.
You can find a list of
our selected
publications, related to environmental radioactivity. You can find a description of our basic instruments and methods, related to radiation protection and radioecology.
We provide also important
, related to radiation protection, radioecology and aerosol science.
We work in close collaboration with a number of foreign scientists and laboratories.
We are also involved in a number of European Union radiation protection activities.

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