Nuclear Research Reactor


  • Reorganize & revitalize the existing research infrastructure around GRR-1
  • Establish a research infrastructure for the Greek nuclear and radiological Community
  • Foster collaborative activities with multiple research performers from academia, research centers and private enterprises
  • Attract research funding from international and national sources
  • Train a much needed group of young nuclear engineers

Activities & Activity planning

  • Re-operate GRR-1 in the framework of a sustainable strategic partnership between the Greek Nuclear / Radiological Community and internationally prominent Institutions
  • Promote GRR-1 utilization for Research & Development
  • Preserve, expand and transmit Nuclear Technology know-how while training a new generation of Researchers
  • Pursue funding to sustain and expand the research activities
  • Perform high quality research on:
- Analysis & Design of modern reactor core architectures
- Development of advanced multiphysics reactor analysis tools
- Investigation of innovative reactor concepts
- Improving RR irradiation capabilities
- Safety analysis of research reactors
- Power plant monitoring & diagnostics
- Intelligent nuclear security
- Electrical load forecasting