Immunochemistry & Immunodiagnostics
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Basic and applied research in three main areas:
i. Immunoassays: Synthesis, Purification and Physicochemical Characterization of new immunoreagents – Definition of biochemical role of biological and other compounds through immunochemical techniques – Development and Evaluation of new immunochemical techniques – Biological compound standardization for immunoanalytical applications (Researcher responsible: I. Christofidis)
ii. Immuno- and DNA sensors: Development of immuno- and DNA-sensors (optical, electrochemical, etc.)- Development of multi-analyte immunosensors- New materials for sensing applications – Methods for patterning biomolecules onto solid surfaces – Antibody and DNA arrays – Development of microanalytical systems (Researcher responsible: S. Kakabakos)

iii. Micro/Nano Structures for Bioanalytical Applications: Application of nanoparticles to bioanalytical methods – Biomolecule patterning at micro- and nano-range for bioanalytical applications – Evaluation of  surface-treatment techniques for binding of biomolecules – Development of sensitive label-free methods – Labelled and label-free applications of plasmonics for biomolecular reaction monitoring (Researcher responsible: P. Petrou)