The Radiopharmacy activities are focused on the development and evaluation of radioactive drugs – “radiopharmaceuticals” – for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy of localized and multi-focal disease, such as primary and metastatic cancer. For this purpose, suitably modified molecular beacons (e.g. antibodies, peptides, small organic molecules, or, quite recently, multi-modal delivery platforms like nanoparticles, or dextran-based polymers) are employed as carriers of diagnostic and therapeutic radiometals to disease-associated targets (like antigens, hormone receptors or transporter molecules) with a high specificity. An integer part of this effort is dedicated in the study of (radio)metal-chelator complexes, which are the “building-blocks” utilized in the derivatization of biological vectors of interest.

The following Researchers comprise the Radiopharmacy staff:

1.    Bouziotis Penelope (Senior Researcher)
2.    Maina Theodosia (Research Director)
3.    Nock Berthold A. (Research Director)
4.    Papadopoulos Minas (Research Director)
5.    Paravatou Maria (Senior Researcher)
6.    Pirmettis Ioannis (Research Director)
7.    Varvarigou Alexandra  (Research Director Emeritus)

The activities are detailed in the preliminary separate sub-sections:
•    Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
•    Molecular Radiopharmacy
•    Radiochemistry
•    Radiopharmacology
•    Radiobiology

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