Solar and Other Energy Systems


The Laboratory started its activities in 1980 and has ever since been pursuing  applied research and technology development in the fields of Solar Thermal Energy Utilization & Energy Savings. It is equipped with excellent measurement facilities and along with experimental investigations it uses as basic analytical tools the Metrology of Energy Quantities and Numerical Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics in particular.
The aforementioned activities, financed to a great extent by third means have had as a result a wide field of technical accomplishments. The Laboratory is organized and has been accredited according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, having developed a Quality Assurance System for performing tests based on ISO and EN standards.
The Laboratory personnel consists of experienced PhD and MSc Mechanical and Chemical Engineers in the research areas of the Lab. Moreover, a number of post-graduate students acquire their degrees by research in the Lab.

The development - research activities of the Laboratory, almost all of them are implemented through projects, result to a wide area of technological - research achievements. Part of them has been published in journals, conferences, e.t.c.   

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