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Radioactive Materials Management
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Overview   Ελληνικά

The Radioactive Materials Management Laboratory (RMML) was established in July 2013 whereas the activities of the Laboratory were essentially started together with the foundation of the NCSR “D” in 1960. The RMML has the sole infrastructure and expertise in Greece in the field of management of spent radioactive sources and devices as well as of non usable radioactive materials. Moreover, the RMML is the sole Laboratory in Greece which has the know how for the decommissioning of nuclear infrastructures.

The Laboratory offers specialized scientific services to the laboratories of NSCR "D” as well as to the Industry, hospitals and individuals.
These services concern:
  1. Safe keeping/ management / withdrawal of radioactive sources, devices and materials in appropriate interim storages until the export from the country
  2. Elaboration and performance of studies for radiological characterization of materials and facilities
  3. Planning the decommissioning of nuclear infrastructures
The laboratory operates in accordance to International Atomic Energy Agency safety guides and complies with EU and national safety requirements and regulations.

Phones:  +30(210)-6503757-3805-3906-3877
Fax:    +30(210)-6545496
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it