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Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
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· Coordination chemistry of Technetium, Rhenium and other radiometals.

· Design, synthesis and characterization of tailor-made bifunctional ligands and coupling to biomolecules of interest (peptides and small organic molecules).

· Synthesis and characterization of Technetium and Rhenium complexes at macroscopic level.

· Radiolabelling of the novel compounds with 99mTc, 186/188Re or other radionuclides.

· Characterization of the radiolabelled compounds by analytical methods, mainly by comparative radio-HPLC studies.

· Stability studies, in vitro and in vivo biological evaluation.


Current Projects: Technetium/Rhenium mixed ligand complexes, 99mTc labeled mannosylated dextrans for sentinel lymph node imaging, 99mTc labeled antibiotics for infection imaging, 99mTc labeled quinazolines for imaging tumors overexpressing EGFR receptors, and 99mTc labeled fatty acids for heart metabolism studies.



 ARISTEIA II, DETEGAR, “Development of multimodal imaging agents for Sentinel Node Detection and Cancer Diagnosis”

 FP7-ERA.Net RUS Linking Russia to the ERA "Development of novel natural product-based imaging probes for early diagnosis and therapeutic application in multi-drug resistant tumors"



Dr Papadopoulos and Dr Pirmettis are responsible for teaching “Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry” at undergraduate level and also, for teaching “Advanced Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry I and II” and “Radiopharmacology” at postgraduate level, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Athens University (2006 - present)