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Nuclear Technology Division
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Organize the Greek Nuclear- & Radio-Infrastructure (medium term)

The establishment of a significant Research Infrastructure (RI) for the Greek nuclear and radiological community, based on the scientific excellence, innovation potential and international reputation of multiple research performers (from the academia, research centers and private companies) dispersed around the country will be sought. With this aim, a 28.5 M€ proposal has been submitted to the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT) in the framework of the 2013 call for the National Roadmap of RIs. In addition to the 15 Laboratories from 3 NCSRD Institutes, the project encompasses 25 partnering organizations from 10 regions of Greece, including the vast majority of the research community of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences. The project will significantly increase the high added value and spill-over effects as well as impacts to interrelated scientific disciplines by gathering knowledge and experimental feedback. More specifically, the project aims to:
  • Upgrade safety, increase longevity and improve GRR-1 capabilities thus, creating a unique high performance research reactor (RR) while the closest European RR facility that is comparable to the GRR-1 is located in Budapest at a distance of 1500 km  from Athens
  • Maintain state-of-the-art scientific expertise by increasing the research potential of researchers, engineers and operators while training a new generation thus, sustaining a critical mass of researchers and benefiting industrial partners 
  • Build a sustainable strategic partnership and cooperation between the Greek Nuclear – Radiological community and relevant Laboratories and internationally prominent Organizations ensuring better integration in the European Research Area
  • Support a scientific leadership with up-to-date instrumentation, capabilities and competences in core research areas of national importance
  • Provide increased benefits to the society (e.g. radiopharmaceuticals, biological tissues, radiation protection, radioecology, nuclear and radiological emergency response)
  • Pursue long-term self-sustainability based on the establishment of appropriate, effective mechanisms (service level agreements) that will ensure financial support for the entire spectrum of engaged research activities
  • Support strategies in Greece for areas of national priority: materials science, medical and biological applications through a defined mechanism to speed up the “research--industry” process and boost regional innovation