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Re-start GRR-1 operation (short-to-medium term)

Five scenarios have been elaborated to this aim with their cost, time schedule, positive points and weaknesses. The high-end scenario that includes complete reactor modernization requires 2 M€. Upon selection of an option, the Research Reactor Laboratory personnel will proceed to the following actions:
  • Preparation of a new contract with the Architect Engineer (KEPCO)
  • Approval receipt from the regulatory authorities (the Greek Atomic Energy Commission - GAEC) for specific works
  • Partial or complete replacement of the Primary Cooling System (depending on the option selected)
  • Modernization of the fire-extinguishing installation
  • Replacement of the radiation protection monitors that are out-of-service or obsolete
  • Updating of the Safety Analysis Report according to IAEA’s standards and submission to GAEC for approval:
    • Re-training of the GRR-1 personnel in a similar research reactor
    • In-depth checking of all systems and components
    • Receipt of GAEC authorization for GRR-1 re-start