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Nuclear Technology Division
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The strategic approach of the Institute in the division of Nuclear Technology is to perform high quality applied R&D, sustaining and developing the respective know-how and infrastructure. Further strategic aims are related to:
  • the need to conserve and expand the accumulated know-how in Nuclear Engineering in order to keep the Nuclear option open for Greece;
  • the need to refurbish and restart the research reactor, upgrade its safety, increase its longevity and improve its capabilities under the highest security standards;
  • the need to deeply reorganize the Nuclear- and Radio- Infrastructure in Greece, centered around the GRR-1 infrastructure in order to perform state-of-the-art R&D in a variety of topics that include Computational and Experimental Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Safety and Security, Material Characterization and Research, Analytical Techniques comprising Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), Prompt-gamma NAA and large sample analysis (including archaeological), Radiation Protection, Radiopharmacy, Radiation Protection and Radioecology.
  • coordination and development of fusion technology research activities within the European Fusion Program.

Major objectives / Activities

Resources – Critical mass assembly

Participating Laboratories / Groups:

Major accomplishments in this thematic area can be found in the latest Scientific Report of INRASTES.