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The Radiopharmaceuticals Laboratory
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The Laboratory is focused on Research & Development in the area of Radiopharmaceuticals and Radioisotopes for Medical Use. It has developed various scientific and technological projects, activities and collaborations, aiming at the development of technology for Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnosis and Therapy in close relation to the research projects in Radiochemistry, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Radiobiology of the Institute. Over the past 40 years, the Lab has been an important partner of Nuclear Medicine facilities in Greece, for the medical use of radioisotopes and especially, for the diagnosis & treatment of cancer. The Lab is a strong partner of the private sector, the national authorities for public health and human medicines and holds an important and unique infrastructure and know-how.

Services & Products

    -   Consultancy on Radiopharmaceuticals

    -   Conducting analytical protocols of qualitative/quantitative testing of compounds & products involving radiotracers

    -   Development of 99mTc cold kits and ready-to-use radiopharmaceuticals tagged with γ, β and positron emitters

    -   The pre- and post-marketing Quality Control of all radiopharmaceuticals imported or produced in Greece - a joint project with the Hellenic Organization for Medicines

    -   The Lab holds the Marketing Authorization for the following radiopharmaceuticals:
-   [99mTc](V)-DMSA for scintigraphy of the thyroid medullary carcinoma
-   [186Re] colloid for radionuclide synoviorthesis
-   [99mTc]-MIBI for myocardial imaging



-  Synthesis, Characterization & in-vitro/in-vivo biological evaluation of novel radiolabelled compounds for potential clinical use in Nuclear Medicine

-  R & D of novel Radiopharmaceuticals in SPECT & PET (99mTc , 186Re, 90Y, 177Lu, 68Ga, 18F)

- QC of radiopharmaceuticals, including chemical, radiochemical, radionuclidic, radiobiological and radiopharmacological assays in certified Labs under ISO 17025

-   Small-scale synthesis of active ingredients

- Clean Room technology expertise for the aseptic production of freeze-dried injectable technetium-99m radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis



- Hot cells and hoods for the safe handling & radiochemical processing of γ, β and positron emitters

- Hot lab for the synthesis & characterization of radiolabelled compounds and analytical instrumentation (Radiolabelling, radio-HPLC, gamma counter, electrophoresis etc)

- Hot lab and analytical instrumentation for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals (radionuclidic purity, sterility, pyrogenicity, biological evaluation)

- CE marked automated freeze-dryer for the lyophilisation of pharmaceutical solutions

- Electronic radio-autoradiographer for the analysis of radiolabelled compounds

-  Hoods for biodistribution studies in experimental animal models

- Sterile plant class 100 and clean areas class 10000 under reconstruction, for the aseptic manufacturing or the in situ preparation of radiopharmaceuticals under GMPs


Collaborations and Clients

National & international nuclear medicine facilities & pharmaceutical industry, Biokosmos SA - a national PET radioisotopes manufacturer, Hellenic Organization for Medicines, Greek Atomic Energy Commission, Greek & foreign Universities & Research Institutes