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Nuclear Research Reactor

The laboratory has the only Experimental Nuclear Reactor in Greece (5MW), with applications in neutron scattering techniques, nuclear analytical techniques, new materials and in biological tissue sterilization.
A major refurbishment of the research reactor is under way aiming at the extension of the reactor life-time for at least 20 more years and comprising:
  • renovation of the reactor building and supporting electromechanical systems
  • replacement of the Primary Cooling System
  • replacement of the Reactor Control System
Further to the up to date applications (material investigation, multi-element analysis via neutron activation, biological tissue sterilization) new activities will include:
  • the establishment of the research reactor as a prototype of a safely operating nuclear facility and a corresponding training centre
  • the establishment of a Neutron Scattering Centre unique in the region and attracting researchers from other institutes, research centres and universities
  • applications of nuclear analytical techniques in novel fields as new materials, health sciences, environment and cultural heritage studies
See video (in Greek).