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Research Projects - Radioactive Materials Manegement Laboratory PDF Print E-mail
Research Objectives:
  • Development of methodology and techniques for radiological characterization of infrastructures in view of radioactive waste management
  • Development of methodology and techniques for segregation and radiological characterization of historical waste
  • Study of integrated solutions in radioactive waste management for countries with small amounts of radioactive waste
Recently research and development has been focused on the:
  • Study of the Leaching mechanisms of caesium ions in Portland cement
  • Development of non destructive techniques for characterization and clearance 
  • Characterization of the Greek Research Reactor Primary (GRR-1) Cooling System
  • Study of the management options of the GRR-1 ion exchange resin waste
  • Planning the decommissioning of the GRR-1 primary cooling system
  • Elaboration of studies that concern the safety case of the New Radioactive Materials Interim Storage Facility