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Radiological Sciences and Radiopharmaceuticals
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Radiobiology, Biodosimetry and Radioprotection

  • Development and validation of biomarkers using high throughput methodologies for assessing absorbed doses and health risk in case of radiation exposure emergencies, radiological accidents or terrorists acts.
  • Development of a cytokinesis–block micronucleus (CBMN) assay for measuring DNA damage, cytostasis and cytotoxicity induced by cytotoxic agents (ionizing radiation, drugs). Evaluation of induced radiosensitivity by various drugs.
  • Mechanistic insights on the aetiology of low-and high-LET radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations and risk for carcinogenesis using conventional and interphase cytogenetics.
  • Induction and repair kinetics of radiation-induced chromatid breaks during G2/M transition as a biological basis for predicting enhanced radiosensitivity and susceptibility to carcinogenesis at individual level.