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Radiological Sciences and Radiopharmaceuticals
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  • Peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals: Radiolabeled somatostatin, bombesin, neurotensin, gastrin and other peptide-based analogs have been and will continue to be developed and screened as candidates for receptor-targeted diagnostic tumor imaging using SPECT and PET, as well as for peptide receptor targeted therapy (PRTT).
  • Selected analogs are undergoing Phase I clinical trials in European clinical centers (Austria, UK, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands).
  • Neuroprotective peptides (humanin, colivelin), alpha-thymosins (inflammation imaging) and anti-microbial peptides (infection imaging) labeled with Tc-99m via different chelating systems.
  • Bioinorganic compounds: New mixed ligand chelating systems for technetium, rhenium and other metals in different oxidation states.
  • Radiolabeled small bioactive molecules: Pharmacophore- (quinazolines for EGFR imaging, cationic compounds for targeting of energized mitochondria, quinolones for discrimination of infection from aseptic inflammation) coupled (radio)metal chelates, mainly 99mTc-based.
  • Antibodies: Monoclonal Antibodies labeled with gamma-, beta- and positron-emitting radioisotopes (Technetium-99m, Rhenium-186/188, Lutetium-177, Samarium-153, Arsenic-74, Niobium-90) for targeted imaging and therapy of cancer.
  • Nanoparticles: Multimodal (SPECT/PET/Optical) mannosylated dextrans for sentinel lymph node detection; Gd-based nanoparticle structures (iron-oxide/gold) labeled with Gallium-68, as dual-modality imaging agents.