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Biodiagnostic Sciences and Technologies
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Resources – Critical mass assembly

Significant assets and strengths of the group are:
  • Over 25 years experience of the staff in the development and production of in vitro diagnostics,
  • Comprehensive and highly integrated platform for gene- to-protein biomarker discovery, target validation (disease models) and diagnostics (biosensing devices),
  • Exemplary multidisciplinary profile of the team that is unique to the region and has fostered multiple synergies and cross-thematic collaborations with other Institutes and academic partners both in Greece, and abroad, and
  • Significant research dissemination and outreach record of highly specialized scientific services directed to the public at large.
More specifically:
  • Over 25 years experience in development of immunoreagents, materials, immunoassays and immunosensors for biodiagnostic applications, in cytogenetics as well as in molecular diagnostics gained through coordination/participation in multiple European, National and International projects and networks.
  • Appropriate advanced infrastructure complemented by infrastructure available at other institutes of NCSR Demokritos.
  • Already approved research funding gained through 5 EU and 8 GRST research projects, which started in 2013 (or late 2012), with a budget for the Biodiagnostics Sciences and Technology Division exceeding 3000 k€.
  • Funding through provision of specialized scientific services on Cytogenetics, Molecular Diagnostics and external Quality Control of Radioimmunoassays with a revenue of approximately 200 k€ per year.