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Biodiagnostic Sciences and Technologies
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Development of reagents, materials, biosensors and microsystems for detection of biomolecular markers (proteins, DNA), cells, and toxic compounts

  • Development of immunochemical reagents (special immunizing and coating haptens, anti-hapten antibodies, hapten-dendrimer coating conjugates, etc.) for application to immunosensing techniques for determining low molecular weight substances with diagnostic and/or therapeutic potential (or highly toxic for human health).
  • Development and evaluation of fully-integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometers on silicon chips and fabrication of a portable device aiming to on-site detection of food contaminants and specifically of three categories of analytes including pesticides in grapes and wines, mycotoxins in beer and cereals, and allergens in rinse water and baby milk formulas.
  • Development of integrated Young interferometers and application for the simultaneous detection of four pesticides in drinking water samples
  • Development of label-free sensor system based on White Light Interference Spectroscopy for certain cardiac (e.g. CRP) and thrombotic episode markers (e.g. C3b) determination in human serum.
  • Microsystem based on nano-textured polymeric substrates for the isolation and selective growth of rare cells from complex matrices.
  • Development and characterization of soft, nanostructured biomimetic materials