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Biodiagnostic Sciences and Technologies
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Molecular analysis of disease-predisposing genes and their products (proteins)

  • Development of new Next Generation Sequencing methods of Partial or Whole Exome Analysis in breast-ovarian cancer patients with strong family history of cancer.
  • Development and validation of novel antimicrobial therapeutics exploiting immune modulators (e.g. proteins/peptides) that affect pathogen virulence, disease progression and microbial immune surveillance.
  • Evaluation of novel diagnostic and/or immunotherapeutic agents for disease stratification (staging), clinical prognosis or radiotherapy response (e.g. radiomodifying effect of inflammatory agents in therapy-resistant tumors).
  • To develop potent and selective inhibitors and activity probes that can be used to follow and manipulate biochemical pathways we are currently investigating (i.e. antigen presentation, lipid metabolism) to provide therapeutic and diagnostic tools.