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Energy, Safety and Environmental Technologies
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Air Quality and Climate Change studies

  • Evaluation of climate change using global climatic models; dynamic downscaling from global to regional / local scale, in order to assess the environmental (e.g. air quality, land cover), social and economic effects of climate change in the area of Greece and Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Determination of air pollution from airborne particulate matter (PM) including a unique in the region (SE Europe) research station for the measurement of climate change related aerosol parameters, integrated into the global database for atmospheric and climatic parameters as part of the Global Atmosphere Watch programme (WMO).
  • Assessment of indoor/outdoor air quality and pollutants emissions from industries (measurements of physical properties and chemical analysis of airborne particulate matter, volatile organic and inorganic compounds, isokinetic sampling from industrial stacks.
  • Receptor modeling for the identification and quantitative assessment of pollution sources.
  • Studies of innovative photocatalytic materials for the removal/oxidation of air pollutants in the urban and indoor environment
  • Development and maintenance of state-of-the-art software for simulating atmospheric dispersion and transformations of air pollutants (photochemical, radioactive) in complex terrains from local to regional scales, and for diagnostic and prognostic meteorology.