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Energy, Safety and Environmental Technologies
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Solar Energy Systems - Renewable Energy Storage – Alternative Fuels and Energy Carriers

Emphasis on Renewable Energy Storage as the only realistic means to achieve high RES penetration and flexibility in RES usage with grid stability:
  • Concentrated Solar Power, Solar Thermal Processes at medium / high temperatures and Thermal storage (Phase Change Materials);
  • New energy carriers for efficient long-term storage and transport of energy:
    • Hydrogen for stationary and mobile applications; H2 production from RES; Efficient and safe H2 storage in solid materials; Hybrid RES-H2 integrated systems; Safety assessment of hydrogen and fuel cell applications.
    • CaO looping for on-site renewable energy storage and long distance renewable energy transport. 
  • Solar fuels production using CO2 as raw material as a way to mitigate carbon emissions (CO2 and H2O splitting and conversion to solar fuels, thus moving from Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to the Carbon Capture and Utilization concept (CCU)).