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Mass Spectrometry & Trace Analysis: Laboratory Facilities & Instrumentation PDF Print E-mail

The equipment of the laboratory includes:

- High Resolution GC/MS Spectrometer (MAT95XL ThermoFinnigan)

- High Resolution GC/MS Spectrometer (DFS Thermo)

- Triple-quadrupole GC-MS/MS Spectrometer (ThermoFinnigan)

- Triple Quadrupole HPLC-MS/MS Spectrometer (TSQ Quantum Ultra Thermo)

- Ion Trap GC/Mass Spectrometer (Polaris ThermoFinnigan)

- Elecrospray Mass Spectrometer (AQA ThermoFinnigan)

- Pressurized liquid extraction apparatus (DIONEX)

- Automated sample preparation system (Fluid Management Systems)

- Lyophilization apparatus (CHRIST)

- Analytical HPLC (Waters)

- Preparative HPLC (Schimadzu)


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