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Funded Research Projects (2005 – present)
2012 – 2015: Program ARISTEIA, (ERC-type Grant - Physics), Principal Investigator, “Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena in Nanoparticle-doped Liquid Crystals, Nano-DOLCES”, Budget: 260 k€, General Secretariat of Research and Technology of Greece, Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
2012: Research Project Award, LATSIS, “Liquid-crystal nanotechnology: functional targeting and superstructure development in anisotropic soft media” John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland, Budget 12 k€,
2011 – 2014: Program THALES, (Cooperation Grant, Materials Chemistry), Principal Investigator, “Liquid Crystalline Nanotechnology, Nano-LICR”, Budget 630 k€, Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
2006 – 2008: Marie Curie, International Research Grant 17157, Principal Investigator, Structural basis and specificity of antigenic peptide trimming by the newly discovered ER aminopeptidases ERAP1 and ERAP2”, Budget 80 k€
2007 – 2009: MaterialsWorldNetwork, DMR - 0710544, Research Team Leader, “Chromonic Liquid Crystals”, Budget 60 k€, US National Science Foundation and GSRT
2006 – 2008: Empirikio Research Award, Principal Investigator “Structural and Functional Studies of Proteins, Empirikion Foundation, Budget 20 k€
2003 - 2005 – 2008: Bilateral Research Collaboration, Greece - Slovenia, Principal Investigator,“Thermodynamic Studies of Phases and Phase Transitions in Exotic Soft-matter and Biomolecular Systems”,  Budget 60 k€ (two consecutively running grants), GSRT – Slovenian Office of Research
2008 – 2011: STREP 224030 FP7-2007-ICT-2; Total Budget 3.7 M€ “Monolithically Integrated Interferometric Biochips for Label-free Early Detection of Human Diseases, PYTHIA”, Collaborators: A STREP Consortium funded by the European Union (FP7-2007-ICT-2) 
2006 – 2008: STREP 027804 FP6-2004-IST-4; Total Budget 3.1 M€ “Nanoengineered Monolithic Optoelectronic Transducers for Highly Sensitive and Label-free Biosensors (NEMOSLAB)”, Collaborators: A STREP Consortium funded by the European Union (FP6-2004-ICT-4)
2005 – 2007: Program PENED, (Interdisciplinary – Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics), Research Team Leader, “Hereditary Breast Ovarian Cancer – Pathogenic Mutations of the BRCA1 Gene – Biophysical Evaluation”, Budget 120 k€, General Secretariat of Research and Technology
2004: Biogenomica SA., Center for Genetic Research and Analysis, SA funding of start-up business plan, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Program PRAXE (1 M€), Private Investors (1 M€)