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Our group has active participation in the framework programs of the European Commission in the area of Major Industrial Hazards and Risk Assessment. In these projects, we collaborate with leading European organizations paving the way to the introduction of new risk based approaches to the regulatory framework for installations handling hazardous materials and subject to the SEVESO directives.

A selection of
funded research projects and services undertaken by SRISL includes:
  • Benchmark Exercise on Major Hazards Analysis, European Commission, 1988-1991, SRISL budget 50000€
  • SOCRATES: Safety Optimization and Risk Assessment Tools for Emergencies and Siting, European Commission, 1991-1993, SRISL budget 150000€
  • Development and application of medium-term protective measures in the event of a nuclear accident, European Commission, 1992-1993, SRISL budget 55000€
  • Risk assessment  of a highway in the neighborhood of an oil-refinery, Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, 1991, SRISL budget 20000€
  • Auditing and Safety Management for Safe Operation and Land Use Planning. A Cross National Comparison and Validation Exercise, European Commission, 1993-1994, SRISL budget 200000€
  • Risk assessment methodology for facilities producing explosives, Industrial Research Development Program (PAVE), Ministry of Development, 1995-1997, SRISL budget 50000€
  • LUPACS: Land Use Planning and Chemical Sites, European Commission, 1996-1999, SRISL budget 300000€
  • I-RISK: Development of an integrated technical and management risk control and monitoring methodology for managing and quantifying on-site and off-site risks, European Commission, 1996-1998, SRISL budget 150000€
  • ASSURANCE Assessment of Uncertainties in Risk Analysis of Chemical Establishments, European Commission, 1998-2000, SRISL budget 140000€
  • SAFETYNET, a network on Process safety”, BRRT-CT98-5062, European Commission, 1998-2001, SRISL budget 90000€
  • S2S: A gateway to Plant and Process Safety, European Commission, 2002-2006, SRISL budget 60000€
  • PRISM Network "Process Industries Safety Management", coordinator IChEME, United Kingdom, Contract GTC1-2000/28030 (8000€)
  • SHAPE RISK: Sharing Experience on Risk Management, European Commission, 2003-2007, SRISL budget 35000€
  • Pre-emergencies, Contract Nr 07.030601/2005/42374/SUB/A5 (44000€)
  • VIRTHUALIS: Virtual Reality and Human Factors, European Commission, 2005-2008, SRISL budget 220000€
  • WORM: Work Occupational Risk Model, Dutch Government, 2003-2009, SRISL budget 600000€
  • Development of methodology for assessing the performance of safety management systems of industrial plants, subject to the SEVESO directive, Ministry of Employment, 2007-2009
  • ΚΜ3ΝeT: European deep-sea neutrino telescope, in work group «Risk assessment and quality assurance (EU FP6, GA 011937), coordinator: UF Katz, 2006-2009
  • INTEG-RISK: Early Recognition, Monitoring, and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risk, coordinator EU-Vri, 2008-2013, SRISL budget 137600€
  • LAGUNA-LBNO: Design of a pan-European Infrastructure for Large Apparatus studying Grand Unification, Neutrino Astrophysics and Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillations, in WP «Detector Lifetime Operation Strategy, Safety and Risks» (EU FP7, GA 284518), coordinator: A Rubbia, 2011-2014, SRISL budget 73000€
  • Occupational and process safety, RIVM, 2012-2013, budget 37000€
  • Assessment of safety management systems of industrial plants, subject to the SEVESO directive, Ministry of Employment, 2012, budget 12000€
  • SCAFFOLD: Innovative strategies, methods and tools for occupational risks management of manufactured nano-materials (MNMs) in the construction industry, in WP «MNMs Risk Protection» (EU FP7, GA 280535), coordinator: JM López de Ipiña, 2012-2015, SRISL budget 50000€
  • Safety analysis and quantitative risk assessment of the Argon Dark Matter (ArDM) Detector (Canfranc, Spain), ETH Zurich, 2013, SRISL budget 28500€
  • TOSCA: Total Operation Management for Safety Critical Activities (EU, Project 12-090, FP7-NMP-2012-SMALL-6), 2013-2016, SRISL budget 200000€
  • EC4SafeNano: European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials & Nanotechnologies (EC: GA 723623, H2020-NMBP-27-2016), SRISL budget 83,000€ (Nov 2016 - Oct 2019)
  • PREDIVIS: Hardware accelerated energy disaggregation for energy efficiency and predictive maintenance applications (Stavros Niarchos Foundation), SRISL budget 54,800€ (Oct 2017- Sept 2021)
  • SUPER-LNG: Sustainable PERformance of LNG – based maritime mobility, Interreg ADRION Programme, SRISL budget 274,428.96€ (Jan 2018 - June 2019) - Leaflet
  • NanoInformaTIX: Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics (EC: GA 814426, H2020-NMBP-14-2018), SRISL budget 148,750€.